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A 9-year-old girl passes the university…
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A 9-year-old girl passes the university admission test: she would like to enroll in the faculty of psychology

August 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

On average, a young adult between twenty and twenty-five completes their university career in five years. Not an easy path, which implies a considerable amount of study. Often, in fact, students, in order to be able to finish their studies quickly, adopt different strategies to face the exams. There are those who prefer to study early in the morning and there are those who prefer not to sleep at night in order to finish their remaining course work on time. However, not all students have the same rhythms. In Russia, there is someone who has broken all records: a little girl of only nine years has managed to pass the university entrance test!

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At the age of seven, Alisa Teplyakova successfully passed her baccalaureate exam and then, at a later stage, passed the university entrance test.

The young prodigy immediately attracted the local media. In an interview, the girl's father, Yevgeni Teplyakov, amazed everyone by telling about his daughter's incredible school career. Already at an early age, little Alisa proved to have incredible skills, passing the entrance exams at Moscow State University in the blink of an eye.

The girl independently decided to go to study psychology at university the following year.

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"Well, Alisa passed all the tests with top marks. She is smart and she is prepared," said Alisa's father. However, the university secretariat was not so enthusiastic about the little girl's attempt and denied the little girl the opportunity to attend classes, at least for the moment.

"Passing the test is not enough," said Artem Kovalev, deputy dean of the faculty of psychology at the Lomonosov State University in Moscow, "moreover, the child would not be ready to face the world of work yet. The fact that she has good cognitive skills and being able to learn a lot of information is not enough to be a mature person who can follow the lessons in a profitable way. "

image: ng.ru

Last year, Alisa entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest Russian woman to be admitted to a high school - she was only seven at the time. In 2021, Alisa passed her high school exams brilliantly, obtaining her diploma.

However, her father, believing very much in the abilities of his daughter, was disappointed and embittered by the response from the University.

It happens that in Alisa's family they are all model students: Alisa's younger brother and sister (7 and 6 years old) are already following the upper secondary school program. The extraordinary thing is that none of these children went to a real school, but they were home schooled under the strict eye of Father Yevgeniy.

image: Wikimedia

However, the family do not enjoy a wealthy economic situation and live in a one-room apartment, which is not usual in the area they live in. For several years, parents have been trying to gett themselves on a waiting list to get a larger apartment, which, however, has always been denied by the Russian Social Housing Institute.

In short, we hope that this family of little geniuses can have the space to grow their incredible abilities!


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