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A telephone line technician helps a…
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A telephone line technician helps a distressed mother by picking up her sick baby

August 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes we see a piece of news, that when we read it, it manages to produce a smile especially from parents. Small events that change people's hearts and give hope for a better future. Gestures that, once advertised on social media, create little heroes found in everyday life.

This is the case of Robert, a technician specializing in Internet installations, who intervened in a difficult situation by helping the mother of a visually impaired child. A completely disinterested, impromptu help hand, but one which allowed the baby and the mother to find some calm.

All parents know what it means to have one of those days when a baby cries continuously for hours. All mothers know what it means to be forced to carry out all the daily tasks in the house to the sound of a baby's cry. But things are even more difficult when your baby is suffering from health ailments. In the case of Jessica Nash Donnahoo, an American mother, her son has a rare illness that left the three-year-old completely blind.

A difficult situation, made even more difficult by the fact that Sailor - this is the baby's name - wanted all the attention and prevented Mom Jessica from attending to the needs of his two-year-old sister.


An admirable gesture...

That's when Robert arrived at Jessica's house to do an everyday task of updating the internet and cable TV. He could have done the job quickly,” Mom wrote on Facebook. "He could have just done his work and then run away at the speed of light: I would have understood it given the confusion and noise that reigned in the house."

Yet Robert behaved differently.



Given the situation, the technician was not put off. Robert sat down next to Sailor, started talking to him and gained his trust. Then, generously, he picked him up, cuddled him and rocked him until he relaxed. "The baby stopped crying and I was able to finish all the chores that had remained pending."

"It was a moment of pure humanity, of infinite sweetness" continues the mother.

Sailor feeling the wind in the Tennessee mountains on the drive home. He was so happy!

Pubblicato da Jessica Nash Donnahoo su Domenica 24 marzo 2019

The success that this little story has had on the web has amazed Robert above all. "I didn't do anything in particular," the technician said simply, "Being a father myself, I understood the situation and intervened as I would have done for one of my own children. Of course, I didn't expect so much hype for something so simple!"

Yet, in an increasingly insensitive world, every gesture of humanity should be celebrated and even rewarded.


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