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His wife says the dog ran away from…
A dog runs away from home because of fireworks: at 3 am the door bell rings She gave birth to a baby without any warning:

His wife says the dog ran away from home, but 5 years later the husband finds out she took him to the kennel

July 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The friendship that is created between a dog and its owner cannot be completely understood, perhaps, by those who have never had a pet themselves. You care for them just as you would care for a child - of course, with the necessary differences! That's why, those who lose their dog enter a state of agitation and almost incomprehensible despair. A dog is, after all, another member of the family that you love very much.

A man recently told his controversial story on the internet, asking for the opinion of other readers: his wife, who disliked his dog, told him in tears that the dog they kept in the house had run away. The man was desperate for a long time, but in the end he had to put a stone on that sad business and move on. On the other hand, at the time of the disappearance, the couple were about to have a baby. The story, however, took a bad turn when the man discovered, 5 years later, that his old dog had not run away from home at all...

When the couple decided to get married, he already had a dog - an animal that he himself called "his best friend", just to emphasize the important bond that united them. The woman, however, was not at all happy with the presence of that dog, which she considered to be a "dangerous dog" due to the breed; her wife was opposed and also worried that the couple would have a baby in a short time. Her husband, however, always told her that the dog had been well trained and she wouldn't be aggressive towards the new family. In short, the man had never even considered the idea of sletting go of his dog: the discussion was closed.

One day, the woman called him in tears while he was at work, telling him that the dog had run away and that she hadn't been able to catch her. At that moment, the man had believed her. He never imagined finding out what actually happened five years later.


The wife and husband had three children after that unfortunate event, but the man finally found out what really happened: his wife, with the help of her father, had personally taken the dog to a kennel. Both she and her family agreed that the dog was "potentially dangerous" and were determined to get rid of it. Now, after discovering the sad reality, the man is furious with the woman: he would like to divorce her, but at the same time he would like to stay for his 3 children; he would like his wife to accept the idea of at least having a new dog in the house in order to be forgiven at least. The man is still confused and angry, so much so that he has asked internet people for advice. Opinions have been divided about it - there are those who say he should get a divorce and those who say he should avoid getting a new dog because it would be difficult to trust his wife's behavior now.

What would you have done in his place?

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