They didn't invite their 6-year-old son to graduate because he has Down's Syndrome: a mother's outburst -
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They didn't invite their 6-year-old…
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They didn't invite their 6-year-old son to graduate because he has Down's Syndrome: a mother's outburst

July 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What could what be more heartbreaking than seeing your disabled child discriminated against? Nowadays prejudice and fear of the "different" are still strong, to the point that even when we talk about children we are not capable of natural and kind gestures. A Mexican mother discovered that her baby, Romeo, was excluded from graduation day celebrations simply because he had Down's Syndrome. "For me and my son Romeo this was a very sad day. I had the illusion of being able to see my son graduate like everyone else" commented the mother, mortified by such treatment. The school had informed her that events of this kind had been suspended due to the pandemic, since the correct social distancing could not have been maintained, but things went differently.

Just imagine the humiliation and despair in learning that, in reality, the elementary graduation party was held and how. The school simply had deliberately not informed this mother, Val Elizóndo, about the party. The reason? Her son Romeo has Down's Syndrome. Apparently, the woman thought that everything was normal and that no ceremony would be held at the institution attended by her son. Due to the pandemic, many of the classes throughout the year were held online, but she always managed to get her Romeo to participate in school activities. The day the little students' graduation ceremony was supposed to be held, Val went downtown to do some shopping, but passing by her son's school she saw something strange: the institute was open and there were several children wearing uniforms.

It was about 9:40 in the morning when the mother, deeply unhappy, went to ask for an explanation from the teacher who had not given her any communication regarding the day or time of the party. The teacher apologized brusquely saying that she had been very busy lately, but that the ceremony would start at 10, so Val still had time to bring Romeo. The woman, of course, refused to bring her child to the party after receiving such a fake invitation, and posted her story on her Facebook profile. The post received many reactions of solidarity towards little Romeo and outrage towards the school and teachers. 


Val, however, concluded her post with a simple message: "I hope these people will never be forced to feel the way I felt today. God bless you!".

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