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A girl is sad because she has to wear…
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A girl is sad because she has to wear glasses: web users console her by showing her their prescription lenses

July 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's very easy for children to feel different, the slightest physical defect can easily be picked upon by peers. "Four eyes" or "mole" are just some of the expressions to which little ones are often subjected in a loud voice. After the news of possible myopia, a child's main concern will therefore be: "and now what will they think of me?" Little Olivia thought so too after receiving her new glasses. Her uncle, however, had a brilliant idea to cheer her up: he posted a tweet that immediately went viral!

via: Daily Dot

Here is her uncle's tweet...

“This is my niece Olivia. She is 6 years old and got her new glasses this morning. Like me, she is shortsighted and she will have to wear them forever. As you can see though, Olivia isn't thrilled. Could spectacle wearers send her some support? I'll read all your answers."

The tweet immediately aroused great interest, receiving more than 100,000 likes and more than thirty thousand replies to console the demoralized little girl. Here are some of the nicest comments:

"Hi! I love your glasses! They are so cute and stylish, they are perfect for you, you are so cute! I have been wearing mine for a lifetime and sometimes I like to change things up with colored frames. Plus, you're taking care of your eyes and make them stronger and stronger". 


"Glasses are really cool because you can take them everywhere and see amazing things." 

"Oh, Olivia don't be sad! Your glasses are just great and they really suit you. I have a blue pair and a purple pair because I couldn't find a nice pink pair like yours. I'm short-sighted too. You will do great with your new glasses and you'll be very happy that you can see well. "

"Hi dear Olivia! You are really gorgeous with glasses. So beautiful, my dog asked me to be allowed to wear one of my pairs of glasses to be part of our team! High five because you are now part of the super special kids club wearing glasses!".


 "Tell her no one will look as stylish as her with glasses!"

"Hi Olivia! I had glasses when I was your age too, but yours are MUCH better than mine. They are chic and pink is a super cute color. Remember, you look awesome!".

In short, after all these words of encouragement, little Olivia will surely be able to smile again with her new glasses on, of this we are particularly certain!

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