She's left for another woman but decides…
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She's left for another woman but decides to take revenge: she drives through a red light 49 times with her ex's car

July 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's nice to believe in eternal love and in "forever" - many couples actually manage to realize this dream of married life - but we must also face reality and not hide behind fairy tales, when we start to see the first signs alarm. There are reports that some relationships, unfortunately, don't work out. The end of the relationship can be a liberation, but also a condemnation: there are those who cannot accept it and spend months and months crying and getting depressed. Then, there is also another category of people: those who take revenge on their ex. The story we are about to tell you has as its protagonist a woman of Chinese nationality who, after being dumped by her ex-boyfriend for another woman, devised a very particular vengeful plan.

via: fr24news

No woman would be happy to be left for another, but what Lou did - this is the name the woman was given to preserve her true identity - goes far beyond natural resentment. The woman, in fact, with the help of an acquaintance, managed to borrow her ex Qian's car, and, once on board, she implemented her "evil" plan: to commit as many traffic offenses as possible, in order to generate hefty fines that would be delivered to the ex-boyfriend. Over the course of two days, Lou and her accomplice ran 49 red lights, satisfied with the mere thought that Qian would have to fork out a huge amount of money to pay all the fines.

Between red lights and speeding, the local police became visibly suspicious and immediately set out in search of the two rogue drivers. It doesn't matter if their actions were motivated by a plan of revenge, the police did not care: the two had committed far too many infractions not to be arrested!

We can understand the disappointment of being left by your boyfriend, but reacting like this does not seem to be the most sensible choice: what do you think?

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