At 92, she doesn't care about the opinions of others and wears colorful and youthful clothes: "I've always been a rebel" -
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At 92, she doesn't care about the opinions…
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At 92, she doesn't care about the opinions of others and wears colorful and youthful clothes: "I've always been a rebel"

July 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

90 has now become the new 20, at least according to this elderly woman who with her counter-current, transgressive, colorful photos and with her enormous energy, sympathy and will to live, has conquered millions and millions of instagrammers from all over the globe, who do nothing but follow her with interest and irony on her official Instagram channel. Her name is Helen Ruth Van Winkle, and at the age of 92 she manages to teach a lesson in youth and infectious energy that today's new generation would dream of!

via: NPR

The woman is called Helen Ruth Van Winkle, she has just turned 92 and lives in Waco, in the US state of Kentucky, and she is not the sweet little granny you might expect: she doesn't like staying at home like her peers taking care of her grandchildren, tidying up the house and knitting. Helen has always loved being a woman against the tide, aggressive (in the best sense) and impossible not to notice.

As the old woman has said more than once: "I've always been a rebel in my life, ever since I was born; I've been taking your men away from you since 1928!", joking that she has always cared about her appearance and the clothing she decides to wear, not only when she was a young girl but also now that she has officially become an inveterate ninety-year-old!

When she decided to open an Instagram channel, Helen didn't imagine that she would receive so many likes and so many followers in a few days: she is now a real influencer with over 3 million followers from all over the world!


Obviously it's all thanks to the photographs that are posted with the help of her great-granddaughter who manages her profile and all public relations with the outside world: she will also be 92 years old, but has an eye for exuberance, the joy of living, for the rebellion against every preconceived scheme of our society and it's for this reason that she can only be admired and applauded, even simply for her courage in exposing herself on social networks with her extravagant and irresistible looks!

Take a look below to see who you are "dealing" with in this little old and very spirited granny!


The funny and colorful testimony of Helen Ruth Van Winkle remind us once again that a pinch of freedom and a lot of spirit of rebellion against the prejudices and preconceived ideas that we have of the third age are absolutely essential to live a life of authenticity, of being comfortable with ourselves, of liking ourselves for who we are without giving any weight to the rumors and opinions of others.

Long live Helen and her great courage, the new generations can only take an example from your free and very, very transgressive soul!


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