He fixes old cars and gives them to those who need them most: "Without a car, it's hard to find a good job"

Alison Forde

July 23, 2021

He fixes old cars and gives them to those who need them most:

Nowadays, having a car seems to have become really essential, especially if you live far from the center of a big city. As is well known, the further you go into the suburbs, the scarcer public transport becomes. Not to mention the countryside areas, where basic services for citizens are often absent. For a young person or anyone who is unemployed, getting a job without having their own means of transport is practically impossible. How many times has it happened to you that you read about a job offer, and among the basic requirements is having a driving license and your own vehicle? Those without these things are automatically penalized and have even less chance of finding a job. This is why Eliot Middleton tries to repair old and battered cars, to be able to donate them to those who need them most, that is, those who live in the rural and more isolated areas of South Carolina.

via Youtube / CBS Evening News


Youtube / CBS Evening News

38-year-old Eliot Middleton learned the mechanic's trade thanks to his father and today he is committed to offering his services almost free of charge. This is because, in reality, Eliot is a cook and owns a restaurant where he does his main business. Since his father passed on, Eliot has decided to honor him by partly pursuing his profession; at the same time, however, he does this by helping those most in need. Eliot's offer is very simple: he offers you a plate of ribs from his restaurant, in exchange for your old scrap. Some people, in fact, bring to Eliot some vehicles in very poor condition, which seem to have no hope of restoration; Eliot patiently fixes them then he gives them to the families who need them most.

Facebook / Eliot Desmound Middleton

"If you don't have a car, you don't have a career. How can people who don't have services available, such as reliable bus lines or Uber, travel to the city, where they could find more important jobs at the port authorities or production centers?", Eliot asked rhetorically. This is why Eliot puts so much effort into this business: to serve his community. So far he has fixed 33 cars and donated them all to the most needy families.

You can contribute to Eliot's generosity by donating even a few dollars on this fundraising page.