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He was a waiter in a foreign country:…
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He was a waiter in a foreign country: today he is an engineer who works for NASA

July 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Life is unpredictable, both for good and for bad, and we certainly can't foresee all the possible implications. José Roberto Villalba knows something about this, given that at 33 he managed to realize, his dreams, at least in part. The 33-year-old Paraguayan started his life over again in 2008, moving to Spain, in a country that was foreign to him. As in any new adventure, José had to make do at the beginning, mainly because he didn't speak the language well and didn't know the local culture well. Initially, therefore, the young man worked as a waiter and, at the same time, studied at university. In addition to all the difficulties that a young worker and student normally faces, José also had to deal with being an immigrant, which made his life a little more complicated in many ways. Nonetheless, José managed to make his dreams come true, just as he had set out to do.

José graduated in industrial engineering while working laboriously as a waiter: "I washed dishes,  and more dishes and then I studied. I graduated in Industrial Engineering, I think everything is more difficult for an immigrant", recalled the young man. Despite everything, however, José wanted to create his own company, PCI Ingeniería y PC Energía, even if it took him 4 years of effort and perseverance. "They hinder you in everything" José recalled, "with the bureaucracy ... for four years, after the creation of the company, we earned nothing. But with perseverance and without ever giving up, we have managed to obtain a very important contract ".

What contract are we talking about? NASA wanted to have José in the ranks of its workers, much to the delight of the Paraguayan who built his future with his own strength alone. Certainly, José would never have imagined reaching so high, starting from so low, but on the other hand, this is the long and tortuous path to take to achieve success.


The story of José, and of the many like him who have worked and studied to go far, teaches us that anything in the world is possible if we commit ourselves with a lot of willpower. 


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