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Michael as Pinocchio: swallowed by a…
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Michael as Pinocchio: swallowed by a whale, he came out alive

June 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We all remember what trouble Pinocchio got into by not listening to his father's wise words: he was even swallowed by a whale, but luckily it's just a metaphor to communicate the moral of the story.

But what we are telling you happened in the real world, not in a fairy tale. Just like with Pinocchio, a Massachusetts fisherman was swallowed into the mouth of a whale while swimming in high water. "I realized I was inside a whale because it was dark all around," said hapless fisherman Michael Packard. Despite the incredible and unusual adventure, the man is on the mend and will soon return to his fishing job ... This time making sure there are no hungry whales around!

image: pixabay

It happened on Cape Cod, Massachusetts - it was an ordinary morning when professional fisherman Michael Packard set off. That day he had to check some lobster nets, so he dived into the depths.

The reconstruction of the facts are very fragmentary, as is understandable: the man says he suddenly felt a strong current that dragged him, only to find himself completely in the dark.

It was when everything went black around him that he began to think he was being swallowed by something big, like a whale. The man says he started to get agitated, trying to find a way to get out of the jaws and most likely all that movement was not appreciated by the whale who decided to reopen his mouth and expel whatever annoying thing he had ingested.

Michael Packard, within a minute, found himself back in the sea, aware of what had happened to him. Miraculously, the fisherman came out almost completely unharmed, leaving the rescuers, family members and also himself stunned.

Experts reassure: whales do not hunt men, what happened to Michael Packard is a more unique than rare event. Whales open their huge jaws and anything can end up in their mouths like, in this case, an unfortunate fisherman who that morning would have expected everything but becoming a whale's snack.





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