Young people "adopt" a 108-year-old homeless man and take him home with them -
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Young people "adopt" a 108-year-old…
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Young people "adopt" a 108-year-old homeless man and take him home with them

June 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When you have the opportunity to do a good deed, you should never desist from continuing with your intentions. Defeating poverty with individual action is impossible, but a gesture of solidarity can still change a person's life. Don't you think that's enough? Karla Delgado, a 25-year-old Mexican girl, was on her way home to Torreon, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, when she ran into Don Felipe, a 108-year-old homeless man, reduced to terrible conditions. Karla was told by the man how he ended up spending his old age on the street, and after understanding the reasons, she decided to really help him out. His children had abandoned him, but she would never have abandoned such an old "grandfather", without a roof over his head and with nothing to eat.

Karla could not believe that this man lived "under a palm tree", in the open sky. How can you abandon a 108-year-old man on the street? The story of Don Felipe is that of any unfortunate parent who, once they reached a certain age, was completely ignored by their children. Fate was not kind to him, and he ended up living on the street. Karla had asked Don Felipe if she could take him home, since the sun was still high and hot that afternoon, but the old man had replied that his palm was his home. Distraught, the girl returned home to retrieve some clothes and food to offer to the man, but then she reflected on the fact that he could not cook or wash. At that point, the young woman asked for help from her cousins, Liliana and Jorge. 

The three thought about it for a moment and then decided to do the only right thing: go and retrieve the old man and take him home with them! The young people accompanied Don Felipe to their home and put him back on track. Jorge helped him wash, then dressed him in clean clothes, after which they all had dinner together: a hot meal, perhaps the first in a long time. The young people then asked for help and suggestions on how to take care of their "step" grandfather and shared the story on social media. Many users contributed clothes and food to the cause, while others suggested that the children find a place for Don Felipe in a homeless shelter, where volunteers could take care of him without legal problems. Initially they took him to a hotel, then they found a place for him in one of these homeless shelters, where Felipe got close to people his age and got a bed of his own. 


Karla, Jorge and Liliana continue to visit him and are happy that Don Felipe has recovered from his situation. Nobody should sleep on the street, let alone a 108-year-old man!


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