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A young couple risk spending the night…
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A young couple risk spending the night in the cold, but a homeless man offers them his help

June 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Often and willingly, it's precisely the people who have suffered the most who won't hesitate to reach out to those who need it most. The reason? Those who have suffered or have always found themselves in an uncomfortable situation, know what it feels like and, therefore, also know how to help, since it's exactly what they would have wanted to receive firsthand when they needed it. The story we are about to tell you demonstrates this perfectly.

Two young people in their early twenties were returning home after spending a long evening together; the engaged couple, however, did not understand the timetable: the subway was already closed and they would have to wait at least another 4 hours to get home. Needless to say, the evening was very cold. The girl was frightened at the idea of having to spend a night in the cold, but at that moment a kind soul intervened to help them.

Charlotte Ellis and her fiancé Taylor Waldon, both 22, were returning home after a long evening in Covent Garden, London. The two, young and carefree, had not in the least realized that they had misunderstood the timetable and when they showed up at the metro station, the gates were already closed. To catch the first train in the morning and get home, the two would have had to wait at least another four hours; waiting in all that cold and frosty January weather wasn't exactly the best choice and both young people started to get scared. Someone, however, had noticed their discomfort and from behind Charlotte's back, a voice asked: "Do you want me to lend you my duvet? It's a long wait and it's cold tonight." It was a homeless young man who spoke, who knew what it meant to sleep outdoors.

Charlotte, to tell the truth, immediately accepted the offer from that kind man, although her boyfriend was not very convinced. She herself then stated that she could not leave that man alone, in the cold, after such kindness: "Nobody deserves to be out at night in these conditions, but would you trust someone?". The homeless man named "Joey" willingly shared what little he had to help two strangers in distress. Naturally, Charlotte and Taylor wanted to repay him and offered to bring him home with them, to take a shower, shave, eat and sleep in a warm place. Joey initially refused their help, but then Taylor told him that if he didn't join them, he wouldn't take his fianceé home.


Charlotte was initially worried that her mother might get mad for bringing a stranger home, but to be honest, all of her family and friends were happy to meet Joey and figured out why Taylor and Charlotte had helped him. Joey, with the help of the two young people, got back on his feet, became one of their best friends and got a job. All of this shows that some people just need help resolving their difficulties and that we should never judge a homeless person without first knowing his story.


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