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A heroic policeman intervenes just in…
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A heroic policeman intervenes just in time to save the life of a newborn who was in danger of suffocating

June 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being a policeman is a profession that can attract many dangers, depending on the roles actually performed within the aforementioned law enforcement agencies. It's a job in which you never know what could happen to you during the day, but you must always be prepared for any eventuality. Twenty-three-year-old Pottsville rookie Cody Hubbard was on duty the day a desperate family called America's only emergency number, 911, for help: their little son, only 3 weeks old, was choking. Agent Hubbard wasted no time and rushed to the site as quickly as possible. Despite his pressure, the young agent drew all his strength and experience as a father to save little Grady from suffocation. Thank goodness, his intervention was crucial and the little one was enabled to breath again.

Imagine a parent who is seeing their child turn red in the face: Joe and Katelin immediately called the emergency number, hoping that someone would intervene promptly to help their little Grady. Unfortunately, fear can paralyze us in this type of situation, while what is needed is to remain calm. Officer Hubbard intervened as soon as possible, proving he could make a difference. The agent simply patted Grady's back so he could spit out the medicine that was going the wrong way: when he started breathing and crying again, it was a moment of infinite relief for everyone. 

image: Pottsville Arkansas Police Department

Everything went well, but Officer Hubbard admits he got back in the car and had an emotional breakdown: "It was good to see how it turned out, but mentally I broke down. I cried, even though they were tears of joy". We cannot imagine the tension and pressure that the young policeman and father must have experienced: that child's life depended on him and if he failed to intervene correctly, he would have broken the hearts of an entire family. Grady's parents are infinitely grateful to him and even the Pottsville, Arkansas (USA) Police Department praised Hubbard's work: "As an agent you never know what awaits you during the day, anything can go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye". 


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