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A black girl is adopted by an elderly…
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A black girl is adopted by an elderly couple: "Thank you for making me feel loved"

June 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Love is blind. A saying that has been used many times and that has its origins in English writings and literary works; it seems that the first to use this phrase was the poet Geoffrey Chaucer, while a few centuries later William Shakespeare reinterpreted it in some of his plays, making it famous for all time. Although it is a statement full of emphasis and poetry, we can say that there is a certain response in real life: we often and willingly do not choose to love a priori, and any critical evaluation of the other person falls away when we experience this "irrational feeling." "in our heart ...

I wanna take this opportunity and thank God, for putting these wornderful people in my path. I am an adopted child❤ i...

Pubblicato da Mandisa Zenaya Mlitwa su Sabato 27 marzo 2021

Love was certainly blind also in the life experience of Mandisa Zenaya, a girl from South Africa with a very sad past. Born on the African continent to two parents she lost at an early age, Manisa was later adopted by an elderly couple who loved her unconditionally at first sight. Despite the huge difference in age between the girl and the couple who were already a little advanced in age and with a different ethnic background, love was born at first sight and the feelings of pure and deep affection immediately reigned in this extraordinary family.

The two elders hadn't the slightest thought that the girl's different skin color could be a problem, so they raised her with love, as if she were their biological daughter. A loving up bringing that Mandisa, once she grew up, could not fail to keep in her heart as a precious lesson. Together with her adoptive parents, the girl from South Africa lived a childhood and adolescence full of love, she didn't lack anything!


Unfortunately, as the girl told on her Facebook profile, her adoptive mother passed away due to cancer, so now she lives with her elderly father, who despite his age still does not hold back in lending a hand to Mandisa, in small or big everyday problems

For all that this loving elderly couple has done for the girl, Mandisa wanted to thank them in a post on Facebook with words full of emotion and gratitude: "I want to take this opportunity and thank God, for putting these people on my path. I am an adopted child, and because of this I feel loved every single day, I wake up in the morning and am constantly hugged. I call him when I'm in trouble and my father is there to help me. Last year in this month we lost my foster mom to cancer, so now it's just me and my dad. I always laugh when we're out and people think he's my friend!"

The girl continued: "The two of them dressed me up and took me to school and didn't expect anything in return! I feel loved every single day. My father, takes me out to lunch, opens the door, hugs me every day, tells me he loves me, helps wash my hair, makes me breakfast and I'm 21! He buys me my favorite foods and drinks ... it's like he's my best friend! God you got my mom but I still feel loved and I will always be grateful to you for giving me her and my father who welcomed me and who loved me as if I were their natural daughter!"

Mandisa's story and the moving thanks to her adoptive parents are proof that the saying "love is blind" has a grain of truth; when this extraordinary universal feeling takes the field, there are no colors or races or differences.

So it's really true: we are all equal in the presence of love!

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