A saleswoman in a jewelry store unmasks…
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A saleswoman in a jewelry store unmasks a betrayal and warns a girl: "He bought 2 rings, one for his lover"

May 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we witness an injustice it's more than necessary to come forward and try to restore a balance, always within the limits of our abilities. But how should we act when we talk about injustices in relationships that do not concern us? Obviously we are not talking about violence, where it's very important to act in time to safeguard a person's life, but about cases of betrayal or emotional maltreatment. An employee of a well-known jewelry store, Pandora, revealed the identity of a guy who had come to her to buy two rings: one for his girlfriend and another for his lover. The young saleswoman saw fit to come forward to warn her fellow woman or, in any case, another girl like her: "You deserve better" she told her via a video on TikTok. Whoever you are, if you are betrayed by a man, remember these words.

The Tiktoker in question is called @ferreiroroche and she wanted to show solidarity with another girl who, of course, was being betrayed without realizing anything. In a video that went viral on TikTok, the young saleswoman expressly told the unfortunate woman in question: "If your boyfriend is called Jake and lives in Montreal (Canada), know that he has just bought two rings - one for his girlfriend and another for his mistress." The video received millions of views and many comments of appreciation; there were several users who praised the actions of the Pandora employee, considering it as a personal favor to that poor girl.

"I really hope you don't get in trouble for this, because you were right to expose it," commented one viewer. Someone else thanked her for her sharing, claiming to know the betrayed girl: "Thank you so much for sharing this information, I'll make sure to let her know. That's my best friend's boyfriend, who bought the ring. You deserve to be thanked for what you've done."

What can we say, we hope that the message has been delivered to the right person and that a beautiful and solid relationship has not been spoiled by a simple misunderstanding. In any case, what do you think of this saleswoman's actions: did she do well to come forward and publicly "denounce" the traitor, or should she have minded her own business?

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