She is 32 years old and addicted to cosmetic surgery: she spent £1600 to have the world's biggest cheekbones -
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She is 32 years old and addicted to…
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She is 32 years old and addicted to cosmetic surgery: she spent £1600 to have the world's biggest cheekbones

May 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are some people who will never be satisfied with their appearance. This is a fairly common sensation, which may prevail more in some periods and less in others, perhaps, but which, usually, is never so strong as to have to think about resorting to cosmetic surgery treatments. Most people, in fact, go on a diet, put on make-up, go to the hairdresser and, in the end, come to terms with themselves, finally managing to love themselves for who they are. Then there is Anastasiia Pokreshchuk, a 32-year-old Ukrainian woman who is completely addicted to plastic surgery. The woman, a real star on Instagram, has been called the woman with the "biggest cheekbones in the world" and the real news is that she has no intention of giving up cosmetic enhancements.

On her Instagram profile, Anastasiia Pokreshchuk has more than 200,000 followers ready to "like" her and leave a comment. She calls herself a "queen" who has spent around £1600 to inject massive doses of hyaluronic acid into her cheekbones, lips and other parts of her body, and who can't wait to spend more money on surgery. She's very confident about her new look, even if among the different comments that come to her every day there are those who are not afraid to say her: "You were better before".

Anastasiia injects herself with continuous refills of hyaluronic acid following a doctor's online tutorial and admits that the procedure could have risky consequences, but she is too addicted to it to stop.

This woman's profound physical transformation has its origins in a great insecurity: before she would never have published her natural photos, because she felt aesthetically unattractive. She herself stated that before all these cosmetic tweaks, she sounded like a sad, "gray mouse" with a bad voice and a body that didn't satisfy her at all. Let's not question the fact that it was "hard work" - being able to like yourself in every aspect is really difficult and, therefore, we are happy that Anastasiia managed to achieve her goal.


Someone has insisted that it was a "real shame", because Anastasiia was a beautiful girl before this contrived transformation. Her mother too preferred her as she was before her, but she's not discouraged: she loves her new look! She now she feels more "proportionate" and has regained new confidence in herself. On the one hand, we believe this is the most important thing!

What do you think? Do you find Anastasiia's look extreme? Let us know in her comments what you think of her transformation!

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