50 motorcyclists escort a child to school…
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50 motorcyclists escort a child to school who was being picked on by his classmates: "Say no to bullying!"

May 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Would you like to be a child again? Many, due to nostalgia, would once again like to find themselves in the carefree shoes of when they were children because, probably, they had fewer problems and their only thought for the day was having fun with their school friends. There are those, however, who have not had the good fortune to experience that kind of lightheartedness due to a phenomenon that has always existed and about which today we continue to talk a lot: bullying. How many times have we heard of "school bullies"? Bullying is such a treacherous phenomenon that, even when it doesn't materialize into insults and physical attacks, it finds space in other places, in other forms: this is why there is also a lot of talk about cyberbullying. Phil Mick, however, had a problem with some of his schoolmates and, as a result, was particularly anxious about going to class on the first day of school after the summer holidays. Fortunately, some real friends helped him face the situation with courage.

On the first day of school, after returning from summer holidays, Phil showed up aboard a motorcycle, with about fifty motorcyclists to escort him. Phil's mother, Tammy, was very concerned about her son's physical and mental health, but talking to the bullies' parents and teachers hadn't helped much. The school does what it can to stem the bullying phenomenon in the corridors of school buildings, but, obviously, all this is still not enough. Desperate, Phil's mother took extreme action, resorting to helo from a close friend. Brent Warfield, the sales director of "KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service" and a friend of Tammy Mick, after hearing what Phil had suffered, organized a small gathering of bikers to support him.

"You can't hear an 11-year-old hear talk about himself like that, about being kicked and punched by everyone because he doesn't wear nice clothes or because he's overweight. I myself have an 11-year-old son and I was very moved, "said Brent Warfield. The news affected not only him, but also dozens of other local bikers who didn't waste a minute more before joining the call. On the big day of Phil's return to school, in fact, they showed up aboard their motorcycles, with leather jackets and boots, ready to take care of the boy. They offered him some biker clothes, a helmet, and invited him to join the group - a group that he could finally be a part of without fear!


The message that the motorcyclists wanted to send wass as simple as it wass effective: there's no room for bullying at school!

It's not the first time that a group of motorcyclists has taken the right side, bringing joy and hope to children who find themselves in difficulty. Again, Brent and his friends seem to have hit the mark: Phil is back to school more confident and happier!

Truly a job well done!


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