Delivery man finds a 5-month-old baby abandoned on the side of the road in his car seat -
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Delivery man finds a 5-month-old baby…
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Delivery man finds a 5-month-old baby abandoned on the side of the road in his car seat

May 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

You know, when we are behind the wheel we have to be very careful not only about how we drive and how people drive around us in other cars, but also what we might find during the journey. In fact, many times we happen to meet people, animals or strange situations on the side of the road we are traveling on and we cannot help but stop and investigate what has happened. Think about what the delivery guyy in this incredible rescue story must have been thinking...

via: ABC News

There is an Amazon delivery guy called Juan Carlos Flores and he does his deliveries in the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas; while he was driving his van down New Haven Drive, he was an eyewitness to a scene he thought could only happen in a movie. On the side of the road there was not an abandoned dog or cat, but a child of only 5 months who had been left alone to his car seat ...

Juan Carlos had initially thought that the baby had been placed there momentarily, but then over time he realized that the reality was somewhat different...


The driver said: "How can anyone have the heart to leave the child by the side of the road? When I saw that child, I wanted to cry ..." When the man understood the gravity of the situation, he took the child and his car seat and knocked on the door of the first house nearby; they let the little one inside and started making some emergency calls. Eventually, the police arrived on the scene and rescued that poor 5-month-old baby...

What had happened to him? The video surveillance data revealed the mystery: apparently, the child's mother had been robbed of her car and the criminal had also taken her child complete with the car seat; he had stolen the car, complete with baby and finally left it alone, abandoned on the side of the road ...



The surveillance images that were then analyzed by the Houston police made it clear that Juan Carlos Flores had arrived in New Haven Drive just minutes after the robber abandoned the child on the side of the road; in those moments, 22 cars had whizzed past the newborn, but without stopping and helping him ...

If it weren't for this thoughtful delivery guy from Amazon, who knows what would have become of this poor child abandoned as if he were a piece of trash; but luckily, thanks to Juan Carlos and his big heart, the little one is safe and sound and is finally reunited with his mother, who in the meantime has had a terrible scare!


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