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A gas station attendant pays for the…
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A gas station attendant pays for the fuel for a young woman in distress and receives a reward equal to 8 years' salary

May 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Any occasion can be the right occasion to do a good deed: do you agree with this statement? If each of us did a kindness to others every day, we are sure that the world would be a much better place. After all, why should one turn away from someone in obvious difficulty? Nkosikho Mbele, a Shell employee tasked with serving motorists at a gas station on the highway, didn't hold back when he saw a girl in trouble. Young Monet van Deventer from Cape Town hadn't realized she had left her credit card at home when she stopped at the station to get gas. Mbele, however, realized that the woman was already into the reserve supply and that she probably wouldn't have made it back home to collect her card. The man, to help out a fellow human being in a difficult situation, paid for her gasoline from his own pocket.

It's not every day that you meet an employee like Mbele, a man who earns $75 a week and has no qualms about spending $7 on a stranger in distress. "When you come back you can give me the money back," Mbele reassured her. Usually Mbele makes part of his income in tips from serving fuel and washing windows, but that day Monet didn't even have a coin with her to pay for the fuel, much less tip Mbele. Mbele, however, did not want to hear her refusal, because he had already seen the fuel gauge in the red and couldn't allow anyone to put themselves in a dangerous situation on the highway. Initially, the young woman thought that the man's generosity was actually related to some kind of Shell promotion and she believed that Mbele was offering her one of those services with a surcharge on regular gasoline. Then when she saw the man pull out his own credit card, she understood what was going on.

Mbele was very generous and his gesture was greatly appreciated both by the woman, who repaid him a couple of days later with the gasoline money and a box of chocolates, and by his employers, who promised him that they would donate a whopping $35,000 to a charity of his choice. But the surprises for Mbele did not end there: an incredible fundraiser was organized for him, which ended with the incredible sum of $95,000 being raised - the equivalent of his salary in 8 years! Mbele is very grateful to anyone who has offered him support and knows that he will treasure it, since he has to look after two children and also lives at home with his brother and mother.


We are always amazed that from a small act of kindness many others can happen, but basically it's precisely for this reason that it's necessary to engage in acts of disinterested kindness: good always generates other good!


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