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A 6 year old boy sees a man eating alone…
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A 6 year old boy sees a man eating alone in a restaurant: "I want to keep him company!"

May 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Once again, kindness is at the center of one of the touching stories we want to bring you. We believe, in fact, that kindness "will save the world" someday. For sure, it's something we can begin to transmit to anyone in our daily life: being kind is not difficult and it does not even cost so much effort, why try so hard to be cruel or unpleasant? Brekken Wadford knows this well, a 6-year-old boy who, while having dinner with his parents and siblings at a restaurant, spotted a man who was eating alone. As soon as Brekken saw the scene, he immediately thought: "That man's eating alone, I want to keep him company!" and he immediately began to beg his mother to be able to sit at that man's table. The rest of the story is encapsulated in the beautiful image Brekken's mom Amy took that day.

Probably that man just wanted to eat his lunch in peace and, for this reason, Brekken's mom forbade her son to go near him. Indeed, there are people who absolutely do not want children, animals or other adults to disturb their meal time and these choices must certainly be respected. The man in question, a guy named Ladarious, however, mentioned to the mother that everything was ok for him: he would have gladly shared that moment with a 6-year-old boy. Brekken, for his part, had begun to scream and throw tantrums, only because he wanted to reach Ladarious's table. In a way, therefore, the man did a great favor to Amy and her family, by managing to calm Brekken's hysterical cries. 

Within a short time, Brekken and Ladarious went from being complete strangers to being best friends. Brekken ate his chips with various sauces while, fascinated, he talked with Ladarious; the two got to know each other and Brekken was delighted not only to have kept that nice man company, but also to have found a new friend. Brekken's mom, Amy, publicly thanked the "stranger" for showing patience and kindness towards her 6-year-old son.

The photo of the two eating at the table together has gone viral and we can understand why!


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