She is forced to sell her dream home because she can see the neighbors showering from the kitchen -
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She is forced to sell her dream home…
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She is forced to sell her dream home because she can see the neighbors showering from the kitchen

April 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Buying a home is always very complicated, not only financially, but also because it's necessary to take into consideration a whole series of parameters that may never satisfy the buyer. Depending on your personal needs, you start looking for and then choosing the "house of your dreams": Pauline Boyd and her husband have moved to Scotland, to a rural location where they can be more in contact with nature and closer to their family, believing they have made the best choice. In fact, the chosen house seemed to fully meet the needs of both. It's a real shame that approximantely 3 years after the purchase and several renovations, a new house was built a stone's throw from them. The new house is so close and so badly arranged that Pauline can see her neighbors showering, right from her own kitchen! The situation is so embarrassing and unbearable that the woman would like to sell her house at all costs.

It certainly takes a certain amount of luck when making important choices such as, for example, buying a house, but it is also true that certain events cannot be predicted at all. Pauline Boyd could not have imagined that someone would build a new home with a garage and a bathroom that overlook her kitchen in such a bizarre and unexpected way. Basically, while she's having dinner with her husband, she can see the neighbors taking a shower and there is no way to avoid it, except by closing the blinds. But what's the point of living in the "wildest" landscape if you can't even take advantage of natural light at home? Pauline has no intention of locking herself in, but the situation has become so stressful that both she and her husband feel like goldfish in an aquarium that is too small. 

"We've gotten to the point where our stress level is really skyrocketing and it's starting to have a serious impact on our lives - we have to keep the blinds closed, but we don't want to!" said Pauline. Now, sadly, the couple have been forced to put the house up for sale, despite renovations being done and the fact that both Pauline and her husband planned to stay in the area for a long time. However, Pauline Boyd's case was carefully reviewed, as were her complaints, but sadly a mistake was made from the start with the construction of the new housing units. Now, let's hope these mistakes don't repeat themselves.


A real shame, because the house looked really beautiful!

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