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"So that's where you got to!": 16 pets…
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"So that's where you got to!": 16 pets with an innate talent for sneaking around everywhere

April 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If you have a pet at home, you know better than us that our extraordinary and irreplaceable four-legged friends have a special talent for hiding and knowing how to sneak into the narrowest and most unthinkable corners and spaces within our walls. It almost seems that they take a perverse pleasure in wanting to hide from the eyes of their human masters, and the latter do nothing but search for them for hours and hours wondering where they have ended up, except to then catch them red-handed and take a hilarious photograph of the cramped and bizarre corner where they have secreted themselves. For anyone who knows exactly what we are talking about, this image gallery is for you!

Have you checked inside the cover on your pillow?

Watch you don't sit on ... a sleepy kitten! 

I have a strange sensation...

... As if someone or something was staring at me from the clothes closet ... 


A master of disguise!

Where oh where has my pet dog gone?

Peekaboo, look what's hiding in this tree trunk!

Why yes, it's a very shy raccoon! 

Visual challenge: can you see where my dog is hiding?

Answer: take a good look at the rocks below ... you will notice unmistakable ears! 


We are judging you, dear owner...

 And we like to judge from on high!

But where canmy cat be? I've been trying to figure out where it is all day ...

 Take a closer look in the vet's laboratory sink!


I knew you were somewhere staring at me ...

image: Reddit


A very intelligent dog...

 We would never have spotted the difference between a four-legged friend and ... the carpet!


A dog? I'm not a dog!

image: tyw7/Reddit

It's simply the decoration on the gate, don't you see?

I was about to fill my backpack with school books and notebooks ...

But luckily I looked inside: I might have brought my cat with me! 

At least it matches the color of the bathroom sink!

Yes, I have a pet frog...

 No, she doesn't live in the toilet, even though I found her stuck in there, right at the moment ... of most need!

Who knows where my pet cat may have gotten to ...

 Let me check under the carpet...

Take a good look at this photo...

 Don't you also notice that among this pack of sweet dogs there is ... an impostor?

Do you also notice those ears standing out on the blanket of snow?

Well, my dog thought I would never find him hiding like this ... poor delusional beast!

If you want to continue having a good laugh with our animal friends struggling with the most absurd, hilarious and fun hiding places, we can only recommend you take a trip to Sneaky Animals, where you will find more images to entertain you and try to ask yourself how it was possible that they sneaked in there like that!

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