At 17 he bullied his teacher, today…
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At 17 he bullied his teacher, today he is forced to pay him 14,500 euros

April 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we talk about bullying we immediately think of a school situation common to many children and young people today: some older children taking it out on the little ones, as well as those they consider "weaker". Acts of this kind are, unfortunately, quite common in the school environment, but not only among peers and children in the same class. In recent years, the phenomenon has spread exponentially, to the point that even teachers in schools no longer feel safe. There have been episodes, even some serious ones, of students deliberately bullying their teachers, demonstrating a lack of discipline and total lack of discipline on the part of the parents themselves who, theoretically, should have raised them better. The episode we are about to tell you is about a bad case of bullying, which forced a teacher from Sondrio to change jobs.

The ugly episodes of bullying against a high school teacher took place in Sondrio and saw a boy who was just 17 years old acting aggressively towards his teacher. The young man insulted and threatened his technical education teacher with shouting and pushing, in acts of bullying that went on to manifest themselves in real physical attacks, in which the boy pushed the teacher and tore the papers from his hands. This was back in 2015 and, at the time of the incidents, the videos which captured these scenes of gratuitous violence were published freely on Facebook. The professor in question was forced to change jobs after this experience. Today, however, that boy is of age and must answer to the charges for the crimes of violence and threats that the postal police have bee investigating. At the moment, the court in Sondrio has established that the boy will have to compensate his teacher with 14,500 euros, awarded for emotional damage. In addition, legal fees will also have to be reimbursed.

The boy's parents tried to persuade the victim to accept 10,000 euros, but to no avail. We remind you that the judge could also decide to re-evaluate the harm done to the teacher as more serious and, consequently, increase the compensation sum.

What is most surprising is that the boy was never expelled from school, despite his behavior which definitely merits suspension. What is certain is that the young man never completed his studies, having dropped out of school earlier. His former teacher, on the other hand, now works in the Ministry of Economic Development and, fortunately, has managed to get his life back on track.

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