He was bullying one of his classmates:…
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He was bullying one of his classmates: the punishment his father chooses triggers controversy

March 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Dear mothers and fathers, today we want to ask you a very interesting question: what would you do if you discovered that your 15-year-old daughter, in the midst of adolescence, had been bullying her classmates? What kind of punishment would you mete out to her? Would you follow a hard line or a soft line? This anonymous father's decision, as told in his story in the Mirror, was judged too weak by the internet readers from whom the man had asked for help and advice ...

via: Mirror UK

The man says that he has a 15-year-old daughter named Lily, a very intelligent, smart teenager, a lover of clothing and fashion, but not a necessarily frivolous girl: in fact, as her parents say, she is also a model student and the best in her class. Mom and dadnever had reason to complain about their daughter Lily, until one day they were called by the school principal because their daughter had turned some of her classmates against a girl of the same age, bullying her.

The father and mother were shocked: how could their Lily have done such a thing? In the end, they made the 15-year-old girl choose the punishment for that gratuitous bullying: 1) she would be without a phone until her parents agreed, 2) she would give up her designer clothes for a while.

In the end, the girl reluctantly chose the second option ...

The father, however, felt guilty about the punishment, since he thought it was too harsh: what should he do? After all, as he put it, "Lily 'has never been so upset." She tried to say that the clothes are an expression of her personality and that she feels vulnerable and insecure in the clothes we make her wear during these days of enforced punishment."

The mother and father think that the punishment inflicted on their daughter may be undeservedly too harsh, yet many web readers have by no means sided with the parents: for many commentators, the punishment chosen by the daughter was "too weak" in response to the deliberate bullying she had inflicted upon her schoolmate.

Which side would you line up on?


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