This girl's neat and elegant handwriting has been recognized as the best in the world -
This girl's neat and elegant handwriting…
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This girl's neat and elegant handwriting has been recognized as the best in the world

March 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Handwriting is a skill that is being lost. In times past we were trained with specific exercises with the aim of making one's handwriting understandable and elegant, today with the use of computers and technological devices we increasingly tend to abandon pen and paper in favor of the keyboard. If, on the one hand, this allows us to speed up the work of writing, on the other it does not allow us to develop a distinctive style of handwriting on paper. How many of us have been accused of having an incomprehensible script? This is certainly not the case with Prakriti Malla, a 14-year-old Nepali girl who has been credited with having the best handwriting in the world.

Her perfectly ordered and aligned texts, carefully written by hand, seem to reproduce elaborate computer fonts. It is no coincidence, in fact, that many people suggest turning her style into a computerized font and typeface. Prakriti's is certainly an innate talent, which she has cultivated with passion and love. Before becoming well known all over the world for her way distinctive handwriting, she was already praised by her family, schoolmates and teachers: everyone recognized her abilities.

The texts she writes are neat, clean and flawless. Each word is always at an equal distance from the other and the symmetry is truly impressive. The young student has become famous for this in her country: she has been recognized by the Nepalese armed forces for her indisputable talent and she has participated in several essay writing competitions.


Is it possible to write such elegant and neat texts by hand? Absolutely yes, it's not easy but with constant practice and exercise you can definitely improve. Writing is a way to express yourself and to learn concepts faster and more effectively, and it would certainly be good if we all dedicated more time to this activity. It would be difficult to approach the levels of Prakriti, but perhaps this has also sparked a desire in you to take up pen and paper and try to imitate her fascinating way of expressing herself.


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