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"Rude children? Stop pampering them!":…
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"Rude children? Stop pampering them!": A teacher scolds the parents of disrespectful pupils

March 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The education of children certainly starts with their parents and can also be partly sought in school. The role of a mother and a father, however, are most important in terms of responsibility: it is they who have the duty to teach discipline to their children and respect for others. When these elements are lacking, we find ourselves having to manage children without any compass or moral limits, - children who have no qualms about showing off all their rudeness in the presence of strangers and who instead of showing respect flaunt unbridled indifference , if not arrogance. In this regard, Julia Marburger, a former middle school teacher, wanted to explain why she sadly decided to give up her teaching job.

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Julia Marburger taught sixth grade at Cedar Creek Intermediate School in Texas until a few years ago, before giving up her career. The former teacher was keen to explain why she eventually came to this sad decision: her kids were making her lessons hell. Now pay attention, because here we are not dealing with a weak teacher, who cannot manage her class properly, but a bunch of disrespectful and uncontrollable teenagers, who literally destroyed every object in the classroom and did not complete the assigned tasks. The woman also posted some photos on Facebook, as evidence of the conditions which she endured in the classroom: chewing gum on the windowsills, destroyed shelves, torn books, etc. 

The reason for so much rudeness? The parents!

A truly unacceptable situation, also because the school had not established any budget for the purchase of school supplies and Mrs Marburger had had to pay for many of the essential things in the classroom out of her own pocket. The straw that broke the camel's back in her long working experience was a particular episode in which a parent addressed her in a completely disrespectful way, in the presence of the pupil who was being discussed. In short: a mother was angry with her because her son was held responsible for his bad behavior. On that occasion, Ms. Marburger was even reprimanded by the parent in front of the student. 


So why are young people so disrespectful? Simple: because their parents are the first to be rude! Julia loudly argues that parents don't have to constantly justify their children, or pamper them, even when they are clearly wrong. Continuing to be complicit in these dynamics means contributing to the creation of a class of people who are totally disrespectful, selfish and ignorant. For Julia, the anger and frustration built up over the years in the classroom meant giving up her teaching career, but that doesn't mean all educators have to give up.

In your opinion, where does the responsibility of a parent begin and where does it end? And how overriding must the role of the school be? Let us know in the comments!


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