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A bullied child is supported by a motorcycle…
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A bullied child is supported by a motorcycle "gang": "school must be a safe place"

March 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Bullying is unfortunately a very widespread phenomenon among young people, especially in schools, and which continues to spread like wildfire even among the very young. Despite the numerous awareness campaigns that are promoted annually all over the world, this is a phenomenon that cannot be eradicated. Probably, this is due to the fact that to defeat ignorance it is necessary to act at the root of the problem, that is, in the family and in the school. The school can be the means by which reach out to the family, but often it also becomes an unsafe place, where bullies can afford to rule over the "weak". Xander Rose was being teased by his classmates so often, he had gotten to the point of not wanting to go to school anymore.

There had been many comments about this boy, by other students, with a racist and homophobic slant, which upset him to the point of withdrawing into himself. Some of these insulting comments were about his skin color - the other kids realized he had darker skin than them and thought this detail was incredibly funny. The boy's last name, Rose, was also the target of offensive phrases, Rose being a flower typically associated with girls. Is it possible that in 2021 there are still families who are unable to teach their children respect for others?

Xander's mother, after discovering the bullying against her son, turned to the school to stem the problem of the bullies, but did not get the desired results. In this case, the school did not act adequately to stifle bullying in the classrooms, so the mother even turned to the police. When no practical help was given even from the police, what should she have done? Suddenly, she had an odd idea, but it might have worked. Determined as never before, Xander's mother approached a group of bikers from her town. The story of her son spread among the other bikers, who immediately decided to join her to teach those bullies a lesson.


Motorcyclists are not exactly a category of people welcomed by many in society: there are many prejudices against them and, for this reason, they are often the first to have experienced firsthand what it means to be discriminated against. Before long, bikers from all over the city gathered to support Xander and send an extremely important message: school must be a safe place for everyone! Imagine the faces of the bullies when they saw scores of bikers escorting Xander to school.

The actions of these bikers did not go unnoticed and Xander's story teaches us to always listen to our children. Unfortunately, there are many other cases in which children and young people are the victims of bullying and are unable to defend themselves from verbal or physical violence. We hope that all this can be an example for everyone, parents and also schools, that the weakest should be protected and that bullies should not be allowed free reign.


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