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A panther abandoned by her mother is…
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A panther abandoned by her mother is raised by a woman and her dog: they are practically inseparable

April 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you think it would be possible to tame a wild animal and keep it at home as if it were a dog or a cat? Scientific studies do not categorically exclude this possibility, even if they warn of the likelihood that this wild animal could release its wild instincts sooner or later and this could backfire on the human who welcomed and saved it, putting their own safety at risk. Today we want to tell you a true story that sounds more like a fairy tale, and which has as its characters a panther, a woman and her dog.

Luna is the name of the black panther at the center of this tender story; born in a zoo in Siberia but rejected and then abandoned by her mother, this panther lived the first months of her life in the cold, without food, in not entirely optimal living conditions. That wild animal needed someone to look after her, and luckily Victoria Rovskaya, an exotic animal expert who learned about Luna's situation came along. Victoria bravely decided to host her at home, along with Venza, her Rottweiler ...

The woman was convinced that, if she had looked after and trained Luna from an early age, she would be able to tame her as if she were a calm, affectionate pet and not a danger towards human beings or her dog; an intuition that over time proved to be a winner, since Luna has gradually grown up as a domestic cat and over time has also established an indestructible friendship with Venza, Victoria's Rottweiler!


The dog and the panther immediately "liked" each other and forged a friendship as unlikely as it is moving: together they go out to run in the fields and enjoy the refreshing air of Siberia, they cuddle and play together, even if Luna can't quite put aside some of her wildest instincts. Unlike the Rottweiler, the black panther loves to chase and hunt birds, or climb trees, just like any self-respecting panther!

Victoria knows very well that raising a black panther as if it were a pet is not at all easy, so much so that even the diet she follows is not exactly the same as a pet dog would follow: Luna needs to have foods with lots of vitamins and proteins to stay healthy, but this doesn't seem to be a problem for Victoria and Venza! 

The dog and the panther seem to pay no attention to the difference in species between them, a sign that the affection and trust between two animals can also arise in the most unexpected and curious ways, while Victoria's bet was won on all fronts: she managed to tame and raise a black panther as a pet, which has now found her best friends in a human being and a dog. 


 Would you have believed it?


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