He pays his employees wages for 11 months,…
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He pays his employees wages for 11 months, but then discovers that in the meantime they have found other jobs

March 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In a period as difficult for everyone as the one we are going through around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many everyday work activities have been impossible for almost a year, with most of the workers and employees at home, waiting for a better future, for the next reopening or looking for a new job, having lost the previous one. A context common to many people these days, some of whom, however, have taken advantage of the extraordinary emergency situation to earn the most by doing the least ...

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This story was told by an employer and manager of an Argentine bar-restaurant called El Capitàn; the place is located near a cinema, and like the latter, it has been closed for 11 months as it has had to comply with social distancing regulations and government restrictions which have closed public meeting places and leisure facilities indefinitely. Tito Loizeau told on his Twitter profile that not only in the whole 11 months it has been closed has he continued to pay the salaries of his 20 employees, but he felt particularly betrayed when, at the time of the reopening, he discovered that in the meantime 14 of them had found another job without letting him know...

Tito vented on Twitter with these words: "After 12 months of quarantine closure, the government decided to reopen the cinemas. So we reopened El Capitan. For 11 months I paid the salaries of my 20 employees despite the fact that the place was closed and they were at home. Now I have called them back to work and I find that 14 of the 20 already work elsewhere. You have no idea what I'm feeling right now !!! "

The man, dismayed and feeling "betrayed", explained better why he had decided to continue to pay the salaries of his employees despite the fact that the restaurant-bar next to the cinema was closed due to the pandemic: "By government decree we were not allowed to fire or suspend anyone and that's why we enrolled in the national support system which covered 50 percent of the salaries, the other half I paid out of my own pocket, without having any income! "


In a nutshell, Tito said he had wasted about 2.5 million Argentine pesos for 11 months without realizing that his employees had found other work: only 6 of the 20 employees replied to the message about reopening the restaurant, confirming their presence and availability; the other 14, who initially did not respond, had instead found new jobs, but had continued to collect the monthly salary from the restaurant-bar for 11 months.

Tito said that he will not take legal action against the fourteen employees who were later fired, but he was particularly embittered by the incident: what would you have done if you had found yourself in his shoes?

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