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A mother-in-law with a "toxic" attitude…
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A mother-in-law with a "toxic" attitude announces her daughter-in-law's pregnancy ahead of time: a quarrel breaks out

March 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It is well known that mothers-in-law can be really intrusive, in many ways, and are in fact often considered as a frequent reason for quarrelling by many couples. Of course, there are also many mothers-in-law who respect the privacy of their families and who would never dare to open their mouths on certain topics. A woman named Cari, better known on TikTok as @momma121521, shared with the world the "grave" wrong that her husband's mother allegedly did to both of them: "She revealed to everyone that I am pregnant before I could." It might seem like a small thing, but announcing to friends and relatives that you are expecting should be a moment of shared joy that starts first and foremost with the couple themselves. Certainly not from the mother-in-law. What made the situation even more unpleasant was the fact that Cari had explicitly told the woman not to tell anyone the good news yet.

In the the video which has gone viral, Cari asks users: "Tell me how your mother-in-law is crazy, without saying she is crazy ... I'll start". Her story seems to describe a typical case in which a toxic mother-in-law was unable to stay in her place, ruining a moment of joy for her son and his wife. Cari said she had told his mother the good news, about which the woman was really enthusiastic: she was to become a grandmother! She was so excited she said out loud, "Oh my God, I can't wait to post the news on Facebook, everywhere, and tell everyone!" Cari, then, told the woman very clearly not to spread the word and not to tell anyone, since she and her husband had decided to just announce it first to some family members and not to publish the news on social media at least for a few more weeks. A request that was totally ignored and trampled on by the mother-in-law who, despite everything, spread the message to everyone.

You can imagine the woman's disappointment when, looking at the posts on her Facebook wall, she discovered that her mother-in-law had announced her pregnancy. Probably, this is just a "trivial" example of how a mother-in-law can contribute to making a couple unhappy, but many viewers vented theri own anger at Cari's video.


The girl's invitation was clear from the start, that is, "Tell me what your mother-in-law did", and none of those who responded held back, reporting even more serious situations than this incident.

What kind of mother-in-law do you have? Hopefully not lone like Cari's!

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