Their 2-year-old daughter refuses to…
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Their 2-year-old daughter refuses to wear a mask on the plane: the company bans the family for life

December 18, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Since the whole world was literally turned up side down by the Coronavirus epidemic, all our habits have had to adapt to the emergency situation. Wearing a mask indoors (and now also outdoors, in many places), to avoid spreading the virus as much as possible, has become obligatory.

A young American family was turned away from a scheduled flight after their 2-year-old daughter refused to wear a face mask. According to the mother, the staff on board were not flexible or sensitive enough on the subject, forcing her to abandon the plane journey together with her husband and daughter.

The family boarded a scheduled flight in Denver to Newark, New Jersey, but staff aboard the plane prevented the spouses from making the journey when their 2-year-old daughter started throwing a tantrum, refusing to wear a protective mask, an incident that the woman, Eliz Orban, defined as "humiliating". Not happy with the treatment, the young woman shot a video in which, shocked, she tells what had happened, in tears. And in tears, the woman explained that both she and her husband did everything to persuade her daughter to wear a mask, but that "children can be difficult, you know what they're like".

In the video we also witness the moment in which the child categorically refused to wear a mask, covering her hands with her face. Her father's attempts to enforce the anti-Covid regulations seem completely useless: a scenario that many parents will have witnessed firsthand. Although many children have become accustomed to wearing masks at school or when they shop with their parents, many others are unable to tolerate contact with the protective masks. Still others, as is probably the case here, are still too small to fully understand the importance of wearing it.

The couple later discovered that they had been literally banned from the airline: in the future, they would no longer be able to travel with that airline.


Despite the shock and indignation shown by both parents, the mother publicly admitted that at the time of departure she had not provided a mask for her daughter. The air crew immediately remedied the oversight by providing her with a mask for the child, which was unfortunately too big for her.

As you can imagine, the opinions of readers around the world regarding this incident vary: there are those who feel empathy towards the family, demonizing the behavior of the airline, and those, on the other hand, who believe that the parents have not been in able to handle the situation adequately, starting with the fact that "they shouldn't have put their daughter in that situation". It's difficult to give a definitive judgment on such a question: what do you think? Write to us in the comments!

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