Pregnant woman decides not to introduce…
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Pregnant woman decides not to introduce her new born baby to her no-vax relatives until she is 6 months old

March 06, 2021 • By Dominic Quirke

Living in a family that does not share your basic values can be really hard, misunderstandings and quarrels are always on the agenda and there is often the possibility that at any moment the relationships can be broken... For example, imagine identifying yourself in the situation of this woman who is the protagonist of this incredible story, she is pregnant and surrounded by her family and relatives who are opposed to vaccinations: how can she make her future daughter known to them without having to risk it?

The anonymous woman, who told her story on Reddit, said she is 30 weeks pregnant and has made a painful decision: she will not let her relatives see the baby on its arrival until it is at least 6 months old; the reason? Simply because her family circle is firmly no-vax. She writes: "There were some feelings of guilt in the family and articles on the subject that were sent to me. They told me they were so upset that they cried all the time and really hope that I will change my mind sooner or later. Apparently, my aunt is so depressed that she hasn't slept well all this time .... "

The result of this decision? Many members of her family refuse to talk to the pregnant woman, while for example her sister no longer talks to her and makes the pregnant woman feel guilty all the time. Despite everything, she and her husband are determined to follow this path, willing or not. It is the fragile health of the little girl who will arrive that is at stake.

Many, if not most, Reddit users have obviously sided with the pregnant mother, confident that this is the most effective, albeit rather psychologically painful, method of preserving the health of the baby. In the first few months of life it must be surrounded by perfectly healthy and vaccinated people who cannot harm it with any disease.

After all, a choice made with common sense is still causing discussion on the web; which side would you take? The side of the pregnant woman or the side of her family? Its a story that, beyond everything, really makes you think ...

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