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"I have decided to make a change": 17…
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"I have decided to make a change": 17 people who turned from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans

March 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Were you also considered an ugly duckling as a child? Was your physical appearance often the target of school bullies? Did you suffer from a lack of self esteem and then decide to take matters into your own hands? Then this stunning image gallery is exactly for you. We have collected for you 17 photographic testimonies of people who over the years, sometimes starting from childhood, have taken matters into their own hands and decided to radically change their appearance, from "ugly ducklings" to spectacular swans. Now, when they leave the house, many people no longer recognize them; and honestly, neither do we! Check out these fabulous physical transformations:

Ten years have passed between one photograph and another: do you see a difference?

This guy really looks like another person now, don't you think? He could pass muster as a model and make a great job of it!

From 13 to 25: I don't look like the same person anymore!


I still cut my own hair, but I think my appearance has changed now ... for the better!

Not only is it difficult to accept that this is the same person in the old photograph on the left, but we are shocked by the radical transformation she has undergone: you go girl! 

The smile of those who know they have made it!

I was 17 and I was feeling weird and ugly ... how am I doing today?

If we can offer an answer to the question: you are doing very, very well! 


This girl's transformation is impressive!

image: Reddit

Do you notice what has changed? This girl dyed her hair, "opened her eyes" and worked a lot on her eyebrows: the difference is amazing!

From 14 to 24 years: what a handsome guy!


In just 5 years I have made a .... miraculous change!

image: Baklau/Reddit

The words of the author of this comparison photo shoot are truly wise: "My appearance may have changed, but the personality has always remained the same."

The hair and appearance have changed, but the winning smile is still the same!


Practically unrecognizable!

 Not only unrecognizable, but now also very, very handsome!

From caterpillar...to beautiful butterfly!

On the left the author was only 10 years old and on the right 29: a spectacular and extraordinary change!

Now I'm ready to pose just like a model!

It took some time, but in the end it was worth it!

The author of the two photographs said ironically: "15 years later I had swapped the width of my ears with the width of my shoulders and I swapped the hairline for a strong jawline!"

Well what can I say, congratulations on your transformation!

As a child they all considered me a unattractive: now, I have taken my revenge!

image: Reddit

Nobody believes it when they see the two photos side by side: it's still me!

I miss the 90s look: but now, I can't really complain!

If you still want to sift through transformation stories and exciting visual stories of people who have transformed themselves, we highly recommend you take a trip to the UglyDuckling Reddit page, where readers from all over the world tell about their transformations by comparing old photographs from childhood or adolescence with those from the present.

The only thing we need to say is this: congratulations to all these people for their inner strength, perseverance and the courage to have been able to change inside ... and outside!



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