She gives birth to twins at the age of 64: some time later she is judged to be "an unsuitable mother" and loses custody of the children -
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She gives birth to twins at the age…
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She gives birth to twins at the age of 64: some time later she is judged to be "an unsuitable mother" and loses custody of the children

March 06, 2021 • By Dominic Quirke

Nowadays, age no longer represents an unsurpassable obstacle to motherhood. Even women of a certain age are now able to conceive thanks to remarkable scientific advances. Mauricia Ibanez is definitely the perfect example of this: the woman gave birth to twins in 2017, at the age of 64. It was only possible thanks to IVF treatment carried out in the United States that Mauricia was able to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother once again. It was a choice that was discussed a lot, not only because of her advanced age, but also because in the past her social services had already taken a daughter from her. At the age of 69, she Mauricia lost custody of the twins, as she was deemed "unfit" to care for them.

Mauricia Ibanez is considered the "oldest mother in Spain" and the reason is that she gave birth to her twins at the age of 64. The woman, a former Foreign Ministry official, did not want to succumb, perhaps, to the inevitability of time and she decided to undergo IVF treatment in the United States, in order to have a child. With in vitro fertilisation, in fact, the obstacles of the natural fertilisation mechanism can be overcome. Mauricia gave birth to twins in 2017, but she has now declared mentally ill and estranged from her children. The woman, in reality, was not new to this type of accusation, since she had already been deprived of custody of her first daughter in the past, as she was deemed to be in a "state of neglect".

Her case had already raised a great controversy that revolved around the modern problem of "grandmother-mothers", or people of a certain age who, thanks to technological progress, still manage to satisfy their desire for parenthood. Mauricia has not seen her first daughter since 2014, she has no contact with her anymore, but we know that the girl has found a new adoptive family in Canada. The twins born in 2017 are now 4 years old and social services have determined that Mauricia is unable to take care of them responsibly. All their relationships end with this conclusion, but without excluding a possible family reunion when the little ones have grown up. Mauricia, as their mother, feels lost and desperate, of course, because her children have been taken away from her.

In Spain, there was another case, which had marked a record: Carmen Bousada had given birth to twins at the age of 67, becoming the oldest mother in Spain, but after just three years she was defeated by cancer.


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