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A head teacher cuts the hair of an embarrassed…
A 17-year-old student is sent home because her dress

A head teacher cuts the hair of an embarrassed student: he was afraid the other students would make fun of him for his appearance

March 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

For those of you who are reading this who are parents, you know very well that adolescence is one of the most difficult times to manage with your child. One no longer belongs to the world of childhood, but one is not yet an adult; this involves developing self care and trying to manage a series of significant physical and psychological transformations. From changing voice to the changing body shape, from the awakening hormones to worries about an appearance that can seem quite alien to us. Now, imagine being a teenager again and hating your haircut - what would you do?

via: WISTV

If you begin to find your appearance unbearable, especially in the period of adolescence, you will have to face many uncomfortable situations, especially in the environment you frequent most: at school. At Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle School in Warren Township, Indiana, an adolescent student was called by the principal, named Jason Smith, into his office to figure out what the problem was: the boy just didn't want to take off his hat off ...

So, after putting a few questions to the student, Jason was able to gain an explanation, which definitely moved him: "So, I sat with him and asked him what was going on, and he replied that he had just cut his hair, he didn't like the way it looked and thought his hairline was a bit weird ... "

This morning a student refused to take off his hat and go to class so he was sent to the principals office. Instead of...

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For Jason Smith there was no problem, instead of disciplining him or making him return to class without a hat on, the principal knew very well what how conflicted the boy felt, and so he gave a hand as he could: "I've cut my own hair for most of my life. I played college basketball and cut my teammates' hair before games and I've cut my son's hair for 17 years so I had professional scissors and shavers at home, so I said to him, 'If I go home and get my scissors and trim your hair the way you like it, will you go back to class?' and he replied: "Yes, I will!"

Eventually, Jason Smith cut and fixed up the boy's hair right there in his office, trying to understand the reasons behind the boys behavior and avoiding an unnecessary lecture or punishment. On the other hand, the kind principal knows well that adolescence is truly a very special period in a boy's life: talking to him and humoring him was definitely the most ... humane solution!


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