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A teacher urges her pupil to spray himself…

A teacher urges her pupil to spray himself with deodorant because of the bad smell and embarrasses him in front of everyone

February 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Mothers and fathers all over the world know that adolescence is the most complex and difficult period to manage for anyone; it's well known, and very often the consequences of this very delicate phase of growth can have unexpected negative repercussions, even in the school environment. Well yes, an anonymous mother told on a Facebook group called Mamas Uncut about the unpleasant experience she'd with one of her teenage son's teachers ...

The anonymous mom shared her experience with these words: "My son came home from school on Friday with a note saying that he and two other boys in his class needed deodorant. He said in class his teacher approached all three and said they smelled bad, so she sent them to the janitor to be sprayed with deodorant. My son refused to put it on because he already wears deodorant every day. He said his best friend has a medical doctor, so he wears a special one. He didn't tell the teacher that he wasn't the one causing the smell because he didn't want his friend to be laughed at or made fun of by others. Now the school, after humiliating him, wants my son to always takes deodorant with him in case he needs to spray it when it's necessary ... What should I do? "

The mother obviously went on the rampage, and not only did she point out that she is a hygienic freak and that she sees with her own eyes her son washing himself thoroughly and putting on deodorant every morning, but she also revealed that she is waiting for a response from the school staff as to why this "humiliation" occured.


This anonymous mom went on to say, "I'm a big hygiene freak. I see my son applying deodorant every morning along with brushing his teeth, hair, etc. I called the school and I'm still waiting for a return call. My son doesn't even want to go to class because he doesn't like his teacher anymore and she embarrasses him. He's 11 and in sixth grade. What would you do, moms? Should I go to the school board? "

Obviously, the other mothers who were part of the Facebook group could not help but offer words of comfort and solidarity towards this woman whose adolescent son was humiliated by his teacher in such a bad way; in the place of this anonymous mother, how would you have reacted?


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