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"I'm crying like a fountain": 17 moving…
Her husband sends her a selfie: she discovers that he is cheating on her thanks to a reflection in the mirror A widowed dad carries his son on his shoulders every day: he takes him to work so as to never leave him alone

"I'm crying like a fountain": 17 moving scenes that give us faith in a better future

February 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In a world that doesn't seem to leave us any escape from negative news, indifference and the badness of the people, it seems that we have all lost faith not only in the next world but also in the future of this one. What will become of us, of our affections, of the people who have surrounded our life for better or for worse, how can we escape all this negativity? The solution lies in trying to put into practice every day, in our small ways and our opportunities, acts of kindness and unconditional solidarity towards others, towards people who are less fortunate than us. Only in this way will we be able to build a better future for us and for the new generations. If you don't believe us, check out these moving scenes!

This little boy looks with tenderness at the photo of his father who fell in the war as a soldier ...

image: Reddit

A little girl is comforted by a Red Cross volunteer after a terrible road accident ...

This little girl was the victim of a terrible road accident in Lebanon; her parents didn't make it, and she was the only survivor. For this reason the kind volunteer from the Red Cross is holding her in his arms and trying to comfort her. It was the least he could do, in such a situation ... 


As ordinary as this photo may seem, it's the last shot taken of our little dog: he was 15 years old

A lifetime together, even at the stadium!

A boy, blind from birth, runs like a pro with the help of his friend and ... a rope!

This photograph has a very special meaning: Paul Scott, a junior high school boy, has been blind since birth but practices cross-country running with the help of his younger colleague Rebel Hays, who guides him on the running paths, with the use of a rope. Rebel trains every day so he can keep up with the older kids because he never wants to let his special friend Paul down!


I returned home to my parents after a long time, and my dog just didn't want to leave me for even a minute ...

The son of a firefighter who fell at work and is honored properly: a truly touching scene!


The last survivor of his battalion at a parade celebrating WWII veterans ... how sad!

A granddaughter announces her official engagement to her grandfather in his retirement home: they can't touch each other except through glass!

This touching photograph was taken by a nurse at the retirement home where this old man was living; the granddaughter, unable to visit him indoors due to the restrictions for Covid-19, arrives at her grandfather's window, shows him the official engagement ring and they greet each other with a truly moving gesture, "hand in hand" but at a distance ... the thickness of a sheet of glass!


A moment of simple happiness, which is taken too much for granted nowadays: a selfie with dad and the kids!

I bought my girlfriend a bicycle: it was the first time she had ridden one since she was a child!

A picture of happiness: my grandfather all smiles finally having lunch with me in his favorite place!

The author of this apparently everyday photograph says that his grandfather is almost like a second father to him: he goes to visit his grandson almost every day at work and always has lunch with him in the same place, solely in the company of his beloved grandson: one simple shot, but which perfectly represents what it means to enjoy the smallest things in life.

Ultimately, it is the thought that matters.

My best friend reached 20 years of sobriety, and I thought this cake might please him quite a bit:

The best friend of the creator of this cake celebrated 20 years of sobriety: one more reason to celebrate it not only with his favorite cartoon, He-Man, but by using a very meaningful phrase: "You are the master of your own universe "!

My brother saved a little bird's life, and now he's taking care of it!

I found a frog in my garden this morning, and I saved it from the busy road!

Anonymous messages at school that make me very happy: "You are so, so beautiful!"

image: Reddit

There are many ways in which a person can take action and make his life and that of others a little better than usual; these touching scenes that we have presented to you are so touching that we cannot fail to look to the future of humanity with confidence, optimism and with a tear or two running down our cheeks. Yes, we can definitely make our world a better and more generous place!

And since you have come this far, we would like to point out the Reddit MadeMeSmile and MadeMeCry pages where you can continue to be moved thanks to the heartfelt gestures of many others from all over the world.


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