An infertile woman finds a baby girl abandoned in a plastic bag near her home: now she wants to adopt her -
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An infertile woman finds a baby girl…
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An infertile woman finds a baby girl abandoned in a plastic bag near her home: now she wants to adopt her

February 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The desire for motherhood in some women is very strong, but among them, there are those who for years try to have a baby with their partner without being successful. Then, there are those who for various reasons become pregnant without wanting to and decide to abandon their child. If you don't have the ability to care for a child and you somehow want to give it up for adoption, it would be good if you did it following certain procedures, perhaps in the hospital, and not acting on your own, abandoning babies on the street or near dumpsters full of garbage. In Campo Grande, Brazil, a woman was shocked to find an abandoned baby girl in a plastic bag on the driveway near her home. Fortunately, that helpless little creature was still alive and well.

Kelly Zerial is 37 years old and lives in Campo Grande, Brazil, where she works as an art history teacher. Kelly is one of those women who longs to become a mother, but fate has played a bad joke on her: she is infertile. For her, no child has ever arrived, so much so that she herself was planning to resort to medical intervention in order to get pregnant. But one morning she left the house and was horrified to find a newborn in an ordinary plastic bag near her door.

For Kelly, the shock of finding a newborn in that condition was enormous. For a few moments, the woman reported, she had been unable to move, but that she then had the instinct to pick up the little creature and hug her. Other people had crowded around the bag to see if the little girl was still alive. Luckily she was: when Kelly picked her up, the baby started screaming and crying. She still had an intact umbilical cord and there were traces of blood on her, but she didn't seem to have sustained any injuries. 


At the hospital, the doctors confirmed the child's good health and immediately took steps to track down the mother. At this news, Kelly heaved a sigh of relief - she was delighted that the little girl was okay - but, at the same time, her heart stopped at the thought of never seeing that wonderful little baby again. The idea of adopting her herself, in fact, immediately flashed into her head when she was taking her to the hospital.

Kelly would like to be the mother of the little girl and, waiting for further feedback on the identity of the biological mother, she asked the whole community not to harshly judge the abandonment: we do not know what lies behind this desperate act and we cannot judge. On the other hand, Kelly hopes to be the adoptive mother of the baby and give her a peaceful and loving life.


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