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19 people who only had one job to do,…
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19 people who only had one job to do, but still managed to get it completely wrong

February 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are mornings when we just get off on the wrong foot, which might lead to us making some mistakes. On the other hand, we are human and making mistakes is part of our nature. But when the error begins to repeat itself and is more and more frequent, we must ask ourselves some questions.

While some people commendably manage to get a coveted paid position, that doesn't mean that they are 100% up to the job. On the internet there are entire pages dedicated to those who "only had to do one thing and yet ... they managed to get that wrong too". These 19 people made such sensational mistakes that it's impossible not to make a little fun of them!

1. In this elevator it seems you can only go up

2. Strange looking strawberries...


3. "Every day I see this at work ... I can't stand it!"

4. According to them this is the book department ...

5. Chicken nuggets? Mmm, I don't think so!


6. "I received a fork like this"

7. "Bath sponge" ... mm, let's hope no one has used it like that!


8. I think they chose the wrong frame for that format ...

9. Did they forget to paint Spiderman's back ?!


10. Oops!

11. "Please don't touch the bread with your hands, please use tongue" ... WHAT ?!

12. No kids, this is not a fox...

13. It will be hard to fasten this buckle ...

14. No, doors are not all the same size ...

15. "Great, now I can't even take a shower!"

16. First sign: "Slow down: children playing". Second sign: "Hunting with shotgun only" . A dangerous place to let children roam!

17. Who could use this cycle path?

18. Hurray, there are REOs on offer!

19. "No smoking"...OK, not while I'm swimming.

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