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"Boys dance with girls": a mother corrects…
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"Boys dance with girls": a mother corrects her son with Down syndrome after he danced with a little boy

By Alison Forde

We know, living in a family with a person with Down syndrome is not easy at all, but it is equally true that these "special" people have such a big heart that they could fill the whole world with their affection, and their smiles without malice. A malice that instead seems more and more to belong to the outside world, to the world of adults who all too often do not accept diversity and opinions that are different from their own.

Samantha Vallejo-Nàgera is a very popular cook in Spain and many of her followers are updated daily on her social networks thanks to the Instagram channel where she publishes videos with always new recipes and tells about some aspects of her private life thanks to touching photos. Samantha has two children, Patricio and Joaquin, and the latter was born with Down syndrome. A 12-year-old boy full of joy, vitality, without any malice who is often the star of his mother's videos.

However, one of these videos sparked a lot of controversy on the web, since in one of the multimedia recordings Samantha asked her son Joaquin what he had done at school, and he replied that he had danced with his classmates; but the conversation doesn't end there: "Who did you dance with, a boy or a girl? - With a boy, - Boys dance with girls, - With girls ?, - Yes!"

An exchange that was not well received by the thousands who follow the Spanish cook and chef; many of them accused Samantha  of homophobia, criticizing her for being insensitive to the differences of others and unaccepting of those who love whoever they want.


Although Samantha has repeatedly stressed that the exchange of words with her son Down was not at all laimed against the Spanish gay community, the damage seemed to have already been done.

What do you think, maybe the chef should have used other terms or has she acted in this way to protect her son with Down syndrome from a group in society she doesn't agree with?


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