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A janitor brings schoolgirls back into…
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A janitor brings schoolgirls back into line with cunning: a story with a profound lesson

February 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being able to have good communication with young people is not at all easy, especially if you play the role of parent or teacher. Teenagers, you know, can be shy in comparison and get stuck, going against the rules, just for the fun of it. Their elders, however, certainly have the right experience to teach them a good lesson and straighten out certain behaviors that, in the long run, could even become dangerous. The story we are about to tell you may seem a little impausible, but its final message is certainly to be kept and taken up again if necessary.

Do young people think they are so smart? Well, read what a school janitor has developed to gain respect and to stop unhealthy behavior on the part of some students, which had been going on for some time ...

Julio is a school janitor, he loves his job and dedicates himself as best he can, to cleaning and helping anyone who needs assistance within the school. For some time now, however, he has been finding himself with an onerous extra task every night: cleaning the mirrors in the girls' bathroom, soiled with lipstick. Some girls, in fact, had fun almost every day by imprinting "kisses" with lipstick on the bathroom mirror. Every evening, therefore, Julio had to take some extra time to clean up the mess that the teenagers left him every time. Tired of the situation, the janitor turned to the principal, who sent a message through the loudspeakers of the school, addressed to those responsible.

After the headmaster's simple reminder, Julio hoped that the students would stop behaving disrespectfully towards him and his work, but he was wrong: the same day, the man found the girls' bathroom mirrors with many more signs of lipstick than before! What to do to stop that unacceptable behavior? Julio turned to the principal again, but this time he proposed his idea of how to change things.


Julio and the principal had a meeting with the students in the girls' bathroom. Here, the janitor wanted to clarify how much time he is forced to waste because of their misconduct. Not only that: Julio showed the girls what he has to do every day to remove those annoying lipstick marks from the mirrors. The girls were all shocked, not so much by the effort involved, but by the methods he used: Julio takes a squeegee and dips it in the water in the toilets, after which he begins to rub it on the glass mirrors, in an attempt to erase those marks. 

They thought they were so clever, but Julio managed to make them stop thanks to his ingenious plan. All the students present were disgusted to see how the janitor cleaned the mirrors that they themselves enjoyed "kissing". They would certainly never do anything like this again. 

"Here's how I clean it every day!"

 Do you think they have learned their lesson? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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