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18 pairs of shoes so bizarre that only…
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18 pairs of shoes so bizarre that only the bravest would wear them

February 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The passion for shoes is mainly something felt by women, who often seem to be unable to help but buy a new pair every month. Those who can afford it probably also buy more frequently. What can I say, everyone has his passions and personal tastes, so we will not be here to judge. Of course, looking at certain photos online, one wonders how some people can wear certain shoes - not so much as a matter of aesthetic taste, but of practicality! Many shoes, even expensive ones, in fact, seem to be anything but comfortable. We've rounded up a few on this list that might certainly seem bizarre to most of you, but that someone in the rest of the world appreciated.

1. Lovers of "Alice in Wonderland" will be "bewitched" by these unusual heels ...

2. When you want a sporty look but you don't want to compromise the elegance with which you have always distinguished yourself


3. There are many things which could be said about these shoes, but we prefer to remain silent ...

4. Perhaps these shoes are part of his new clown costume ...

5. Mmm, so elegant...


6. It will be challenging to choose an outfit to match ... or even just to leave the house!

7. Do your feet hurt immediately when you wear heels? With this model you will also make those who look at your shoes suffer


8. The beading is definitely very elaborate, our compliments ...

9. But are they safe to wear?!


10. Slippers for those who can never manage to get out of bed

11. The black sock is definitely the element that gives that extra touch of class ...

12. Not even in the world of unicorns would these be legal!

13. If you get too close, it's the end ...

14. Ideal when you want to catch all the Pokemon

15. To find the right balance ...

16. When the aliens come to take you and you certainly don't want to be caught unprepared ...

17. Be careful not to trip ...

18. BONUS: Combine work with pleasure ...

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