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A single mom dresses as a man to accompany…

A single mom dresses as a man to accompany her son to a school party dedicated to fathers

February 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A parent would do anything for her children, even more so a mother who finds herself having to raise her children and run a house all by herself, without a husband. A real full-time job that could even be considered a superhero. Whitney Kittrell, a single mom from Utah, USA, suddenly found herself without a husband and having to raise her two children alone. But she has never let herself lose heart and she has always tried to give her all for her family.

via: Today

Whitney went viral when she posted a long post on her Facebook profile in which she talked about her experience as a "dad" with one of her daughters; the school had organized a "Dad and Donuts" event where the little pupils would bring their fathers to the party; too bad the little Kittrells didn't have a dad, and so Whitney had a brilliant idea: "I took my dad's best suit, put on some fake facial hair and went to the donut breakfast with my daughter. . I was so embarrassed, but I couldn't help but smile when she introduced me to her little friends by saying 'this is my father ... but she is also my mother, so I brought her!' 

At first Whitney thought maybe it would be better for her grandfather to accompany her daughter to the school event, but then she was convinced by these sweet words: "No, I want you to come. You are my mother and my father."

The single mother couldn't resist the words spoken by her daughter, so she knew perfectly well what she had to do; and she didn't care at all what the other parents might have said, she would have done anything to please her daughter and give her a day to remember!



The courageous gesture by this mother has touched the hearts of many internet readers, who have sharer and spread her touching story. A mother who has perfectly managed to play the role of mother and father with great dedication, ease, a pinch of self-irony and lots and lots of love for her children!

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