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A stray dog won't stop barking until…
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A stray dog won't stop barking until a motorcyclist follows him: he wanted to save an abandoned baby

January 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's not so wrong to believe in phrases such as "my dog is almost human", since our four-legged friends have always proved to be very capable and receptive, especially when they relate to humans. It is no coincidence, in fact, if we say that "a dog is certainly man's best friend".

Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorcycle, crossing a mountainous stretch near Cebu in the Philippines, when his attention was suddenly caught by a stray dog which would not stop barking.

The dog's demeanor was too unusual to ignore and walk away: Junrell sensed that something was wrong. So the man got off his bike and tried to follow the animal, which seemed almost as if it wanted to tell him something. "Come on, follow me!" he seemed to saying with all that barking. Junrell's suspicions were unfortunately well founded: the dog led him to a rather isolated point on the mountain that looked like a sort of landfill and there directed him to a small bundle that was wriggling on the ground.

A newborn baby had been abandoned, wrapped in a brown towel, in that desolate place and the dog had tried with all his might to alert someone who might intervene. Without thinking twice, Junrell took the baby in his arms and climbed on the bike to get to the nearest police station. Thankfully, the dog's timing was excellent as the little one was still alive and perfectly healthy.


Tthe doggy hero's act soon reached the ears of an association that deals with helping strays and offering them a welcoming home (Hope for Strays). The volunteers wanted to return to the mountains in the hope of finding the dog, but they discovered, with some relief, that the animal was not a stray at all: it was called Blacky and belonged to a man, who showed them the way to his home. There, Blacky was in the company of three other dogs and was actually not a stray at all. His exceptionable behavior, however, confirms a sacrosanct saying: "there are no bad dogs!".

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