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He lost hearing and sight after too…
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He lost hearing and sight after too stressful a period at work: now he tells his experience in a book

January 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

That too much work can cause dangerous levels of stress in our body and in our mind hass now been confirmed in the scientific literature; but that one could become seriously impaired due to too much stress and a frenzied life and without a moment's respite might sound rather strange. This is the incredible story of Gustavo Fernandez Cornide, who at only 35 years old and living a very stressful life, was hospitalized for several months with meningitis caused by a neglected ear infection...

via: Rivadavia

Gustavo was working as a television producer for a very popular program, and so his life was very stressful due to the pressing demands placed on him by work. Precisely because he could not find time for himself and for his family, one day Gustavo woke up with a very bad earache, which however he decided not to investigate for the first few days given the many commitments he had.

After four days, doctors diagnosed him with very severe otitis probably caused by cell phone and headphones use continuously during working hours; but Gustavo could not stop, and he continued to work, until he became much worse.

One night Gustavo's wife was shocked to see her husband completely unconscious, having convulsions and urinating in bed and he had to be hospitalized urgently. Once he arrived at the hospital, the doctors revealed to his wife that Gustavo was suffering from a virulent meningitis caused by the pneumococcal bacterium, which he had most likely acquired from untreated otitis.

After 21 days in a coma, Gustavo was slowly awakened, and even though he had lost his hearing and sight, a long journey towards rehabilitation, both physical and mental, was about to begin for the 35-year-old man.


Gustavo tells of when he learned the truth of what had happened to him: "In the end it was like a bucket of ice water but there was something positive after that week of torture: I realized that they were taking care of me, nobody was trying to take my life. Getting positivity from somewhere was an instinctive reaction, it was a personal strength that I didn't think I had until today. "

Over time, Gustavo has regained part of his hearing thanks to receiving a cochlear implant, while as regards sight, he has regained 20% in one eye, thanks to the commitment and help of his family. but especially due to the rehabilitation team.

Now Gustavo no longer works in the same place, he has founded his own audiovisual production company, earns much less than before, but he has finally learned to take care not only of his family but also of himself. Too much work most likely caused the exacerbation of his otitis which led to meningitis and then to a coma.

But now he is here again to tell it, and in the meantime he has done a lecture tour and written a book entitled "Open your eyes", which is a real hymn to the transience of life and how every opportunity should be taken to savor it all. Because there is only one life, as Gustavo has now realized.


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