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He stopped his truck in the middle of…
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He stopped his truck in the middle of traffic to help a dad who's daughter was thrown from the car in an accident

February 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

He was crossing a highway full of vehicles with his truck, as he did every day to do his job, yet this time he couldn't help but stop, block the traffic and help a father who was desperately looking for his little daughter, who was thrown from the front seat after a bad car accident. Everyone else was crossing the busy streets without stopping to help despite seeing people in difficulty from their windows. Joe Hylton did it.

image: CDL Life

The man was crossing a very busy highway in Delaware, USA, with his truck, when he saw a terrible accident before his eyes: a man, a victim of the collision, was outside his wrecked car and seemed desperately looking for something. Joe couldn't stand by and watch, so he got out of his truck and tried to help the man, only to find he was persistently looking for his baby daughter, who had been in the front seat at the moment of impact.

After taking a torch and searching through the adjacent fields, Joe, who was the father of three children and knew what it was like to fear for their safety, managed to find a bundle on the ground and feared the worst: but the little girl was alive, without any injuries and held out her hands to the man to be taken in his arms: "I grabbed her and called her dad, the father came running and we hugged. We didn't know each other, but at that moment it was as if we had known each other forever. "

A gesture that didn't go unnoticed by others, so much so that the Delaware Police decided to reward Joe for his courage and heroism; there really are still good nowadays!



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