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A barber gives a new look to a homeless…
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A barber gives a new look to a homeless man: after the haircut he is unrecognizable

January 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When you are in a fortunate position or have special professional skills that could be of help to other people, it would be a good idea to put them into practice by doing a "good deed". A well-known French barber, David Kodat, decided to donate a haircut and beard trim to a homeless man. The man's final look is truly impressive - many people have congratulated the hairdresser after seeing the incredible transformation! The homeless man, in fact, looked like a completely different person when he left the salon. Short hair and a trimmed beard have given the homeless man an unexpected charm!

On his TikTok account, David Kodat has published the video in which the "miraculous" restyling takes place, to the pleasure of the over 20,000 users who have watched it.

The man had entered the shop with long, matted gray hair and an equally long, scraggly beard. After David got his hands on him, he completely transformed him into different person. Just look at the 3d image of before and after the gorgeous haircut.

When David put the scissors down on the table, the man was finally able to look in the mirror and see himself in a new light. The generous barber had given him back that dignity that he had not even thought of for years. As if that weren't enough, the man looked much older before receiving this new look: with the right clothes, he could now almost embark on a modeling career! Even without wanting to exaggerate, we can still see how many viewers have been amazed by the newfound beauty of this man.

A generous gesture that we hope will be the starting point for the beginning of a new life for this man.


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