Mom is distracted for 10 minutes and finds her daughter with 150 colored balls stuck in her hair: it takes 21 hours to remove them -
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Mom is distracted for 10 minutes and…
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Mom is distracted for 10 minutes and finds her daughter with 150 colored balls stuck in her hair: it takes 21 hours to remove them

By Alison Forde

Beware of the toys you hand over to your children; some of these are definitely not suitable for unsupervised use, and carelessness is enough to create an unpleasant situation both for little ones and for their parents. For example, in the US toy market it seems that colored balls called "Bunchems" are becoming very fashionable. They can stick together  with extreme ease and are then used to create geometric shapes or build imaginative constructions.

image: Facebook

One mother, however, says in a Facebook post that went viral, that these colored balls can be really troublesome if used wrongly; the woman named Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle tells how her odyssey began when her two children Noah and Abigail went down to the basement to play with these balls; suddenly, Noah came upstairs to warn his mother that those colored balls were stuck in his little sister's hair, and they just wouldn't come out...

Lisa, for her part, felt helpless when faced with the scene: Abigail had almost 150 Bunchems entangled in her hair, all very difficult to remove. Initially, Lisa tried pulling them out of her daughter's hair using a combination of vegetable oil and conditioner, and she managed to remove just 15 out of 150 in just over three hours!

I post the good .... well here is some of the bad ☹️☹️☹️ Friday at 4pm until Saturday at 10pm was my worst Mom...

Pubblicato da Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle su Domenica 10 gennaio 2021

For complete removal, interspersed with a forced nighttime break for rest and sleep, Lisa was able to remove the hundreds of colored balls from Abigail's head in a total of 21 hours, a unbelievable time for such an unpleasant accident. For this reason Lisa has published her story in hope of warning other mothers of the danger that their children might run into playing with these colorful but very tricky balls.

An unfortunate adventure that mom and daughter will remember for a long time!


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