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A poor farmer finds an $80,000 diamond…
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A poor farmer finds an $80,000 diamond while working the land: now he will be able to pay for college for his children

January 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Luck comes when you least expect it and Lakhan Yadav, a 45-year-old Indian farmer, knows this very well. While working on his newly rented land, the man noticed something unusual popping up among the debris and rocks hidden under the ground. It looked like a pebble like any other at first glance, but it reflected a very special light. Thank goodness, the farmer had the good sense to have it evaluated by experts, who happliy informed him of his amazing discovery: a diamond worth 80,000 dollars!

via: Dailymail

A great fortune that Lakhan Yadav never dreamed of having. Accustomed to hard work, the man never had any personal wealth, but every step forward that takes him away from poverty is exclusively the result of his own hard work. Now, however, he finally has the chance to redeem himself. The farmer, however, does not want to waste his money on trivial things, but wants to invest in his childrens futures by finally managing to pay for their education.

Lakhan Yadav has sold the diamond and now, thanks to the proceeds, he can truly say that the fortuitous discovery "changed his life". The fact remains that now the farmer has no intention of stopping his work: the man has promised himself to turn over all his land in search of other precious hidden diamonds!


Here is a photo of his precious find!

You will know the saying "he who seeks, finds .." and we wish Lakhan Yadav yet more luck. For now, we can be happy that a man of humble origins like him, always dedicated to hard work, can finally send his children to college.


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