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A 5-year-old girl sees her mother collapse…
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A 5-year-old girl sees her mother collapse and saves her life by calling her father with the iPad

By Alison Forde

We often complain about how our younger children are less active and responsible than the previous generation; always attached to their smartphones, tablets, home computers, if not the TV; illuminated screens seem to have taken total possession of their minds and skills; yet very often this technology much-used by children can be really useful. As is evidenced by this absolutely incredible story which took place in Cork, Ireland.

via: Echo Live

Damien and Mary Gavin are a married couple who live happily in the Irish city of Cork; they have a 5 year old daughter named Priya and Noah, who is only 5 months old; one day, while dad was at work, the little girl noticed that there was something wrong with mom. Mary, while she was drinking a cup of tea, fell to the ground and passed out. Little Priya didn't know what to do, so she decided to use her iPad and call her father via FaceTime.

Damien saw what was happening to his wife thanks to the video camera on the tablet, and so he was able to call some family members who lived near by and get them to call for help. Mary was taken to Cork hospital where she was diagnosed with a stroke, which in fact had paralyzed the right side of her body, but she left hospital a few days later to return to hug her family.

If it hadn't been for little Priya and her skillful use of her tablet, she who knows what would have happened to her mom!


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